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Help, blade change on Makita plunge saw

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I need/want to change the blade on my Makita plunge saw, and I can not get it off. I have done everything as specified in the owners manual (locking the blade, plunging part way out, etc). But I can't get the arbor nut/screw loose on it. I haven't seen a clear indication of which way to loosen (clockwise vs counter-clockwise), I have tried both and it won't budge. It still has the factory blade on it, so I am not sure how much it was torqued down during the installation at the factory. So has anyone else seen it tightened down so much you can't take the blade off. I don't want to have to send it in to a repair shop just to get the dang blade changed.

Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance
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nut turns opposite direction of which way the blade turns, for starters. Spray some WD40 on there, or similar.

leverage is your friend. try to rig up a way to extend grip on the allenkey so you get more bang.
as above, look at the blade direction of spin, The blade tightens the bolt as it starts up. So you need to turn the bolt the opposite way to the blade spin.
If youve tried both ways youve tightened it more than it needs, so lock the blade as per instructions, use a good fitting allen key or spanner, and put your elbow into it.

It might also help to give the key / spanner a sharp tap with a mallet to break the joint.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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