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If I assume Festool is off the table (my favorites). The Dewalt 611 with the plunge kit for a compact router, the Bosch MRC23 with plunge kit for the mid sized router and a PC 7518 or Milwaukee 5625 in a good lift for the router table.

Considering your want list of features take a look at the MRC23 and the features it has compared to the other routers in the class, particularly the power switch on the plunge base. I think you will see why it is my second favorite mid-sized router. While I prefer the Festool 1400 the MRC23 is a really well thought out router and the dust collection attachments work better than all but the Festool.

If you are willing to pay Festool prices replace the Dewalt and Bosch with the Festool 1010 and 1400.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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