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Hello from a n00b

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I guess everyone has to start somewhere, and this is mine. Just recently found an interest (although, so far little talent) in wood (& other) working in the shop. Hope this is the right place for this intro, as it didn't look like it belonged in any of the other forums.

Recently made my first few purchases of tools & started building VERY rough stuff outta "cull" wood gotten at HomeDepot, used wood at Habitat Restore, & stuff picked up free from Craigslist.

Lets see. A little about me. 37, recently separated. I've been a cabdriver for a decade & a half so figured it'd be good for my health to get off my ass for a few hours a day/week.
First few purchases include:

  • Craftsman 8.5" RAS
  • Skilsaw 7" circular saw
  • Craftsman ScrollSaw
  • Have a 8" Craftsman (benchtop size) table saw on layaway.

All tools purchased either off craigslist or from various pawnshops, appear to be in great condition. Have already re-listed the RAS as both the little experience I've gotten and what I've read indicate a tablesaw & mitersaw together will accomplish the same activities more safely and use up less space.
First few projects include:

  • Folding workbench mounted to wall, just hinges up out of the way & legs also fold against wall. It's made from a 7'x3' solidcore door (Praise Habitat ReStore!) with 2×4 legs & supports.
  • RAS bench (soon to be mitersaw bench) made from 2 recycled kitchen cabinets & a couple big pieces of particle board
  • BIG lumber storage in back yard, already has about 500# of wood on it from treasure hunts to the local Home Depot.
  • And, not really a project, but ceiling hung shelves a'la

Upcoming and/or planned projects include:

  • Foldup sawhorses like seen HERE
  • Will probably use this Panel Cutting Jig with the above-mentioned sawhorses
  • Ceiling hung monitor arm for my computer monitor. It'll be used at more than one location, so the plan is to use something I found at HomeDepot similar to T-Track on steroids…apparently used for hanging electrical conduit & fixtures from the ceiling…right side up it's similar to T-track, upside down it'll make a dandy sliding mount for the monitor. Not really a woodworking project per se, but I've not progressed far enough to differentiate between "just plain workin on stuff" and wood specific projects.
  • Gonna combine & bastardize a few plans I've seen for sheds & "carports", although I'm gonna use it for a "shelter" style shop in my back patio area. Nothin but floor (think miniature deck), posts, and a roof over my head (single slant, shed style)
  • Convertible dust collector/air filter. Already have the blower, see my comment in this guy's project for details.
  • Modifications to the current RAS table when I replace it with a mitre saw.
  • I like this idea for a Lazy Susan although I can't seem to find a reasonably priced vendor for those bearing-casters.
  • Taking pics of what I've already done for my own "projects" page. It'll be embarrassing since my stuff is still VERY rough.
  • At some point, I can see turning the panel cutting jig above into a panel saw like seen HERE or perhaps HERE.
  • Definitely gotta do THIS because I live in Texas, where we've had temperatures in the low to mid 100's for seemingly the last month & a half.
  • I'll give something like THIS sheet-wood storage a shot as well, if I can figure out a way to build it so that I won't rip a hole in my side walking past it.

*Gonna try to get at least a start on the first three of these tomorrow (make that TODAY now). The monitor holder is actually my priority.

Looking forward to any thoughts/ideas/suggestions that come my way.
Cheers, and hope to see more of you guys. BTW, you're right. I spent nearly two hours just staring at projects thinkin "I wanna build that".

Scott Powell
Austin, TX
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Welcome to the board Scott. You will find this place highly addictive.
Man, you like to map things out pretty carefully, don't you? :)

Welcome to Lumberjocks. You'll never run out of projects you want to make, or tools you want to add to your shop.
Hey Scott Welcome To LJs lots of great plans look forward to future projects. Let us know if we can help,
Map things out? Not really…just a wishlist really.

Just those 3 things are the items I'd like to accomplish today. If I can get more done, great…but that's where I start.
Welcome Scott…..this is a GREAT place to learn, get ideas, ask for advice etc etc etc. As far as the tools…sounds like your off to a good start. Just be careful, once you start buying tools…it gets a lttle addictive, lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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