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Helical head on a Makita 2040

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Was wondering if anyone has gone through the process of upgrading the cutter head of a Makita 2040 to a helical head and what are your thoughts? Is it worth the effort and cost? My cost investment in my 2040 is $100 for the machine, $350 for two new feed rollers, and about $150 for various parts that needed replaced due to the previous owners neglect (gears, chain, blocks, and the like).
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Are you suffering with the standard head? I have some pretty nice equipment and I'm still using straight knives and happy with them.
I am dealing with tearout with some of the figured woods I work with even though I am very particular with my sharpening routines. It's better than what I got with my older Dewalt lunchbox, but still present and a neusance, and when dealing with boards that I don't have a lot of play with, causes problems. I'm even running the lower feedrate gears.
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