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As the title goes, with a heavy heart I’m parting with some workbenches and wondered if any of you kind souls might recommend how much to ask for them. I know there’s always a huge gap between what something is worth and what people are willing to pay, I just have no idea what a reasonable price would be.
I realize I’m setting myself up here for a potential barrage of, “I’ll give you $50” and perhaps I deserve that with a post like this but just thought I’d see if anyone had any insight.

Much appreciated and apologies if this post is in the wrong section or prohibited in some way.

Roubo 87”x24”x37”

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Plank Table

Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Wood Toolbox Tool

Wood Outdoor bench Floor Rectangle Outdoor furniture

Rectangle Wood Wood stain Flooring Floor

Wood Table Wood stain Hardwood Natural material

Wood Musical instrument Table Tool Chair

Wood Automotive exterior Wood stain Varnish Hardwood

Table Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood

Wood Rectangle Jewellery Hardwood Circle

T-Track workbench… 84x42x38.5

Cabinetry Property Wood Drawer Rectangle

Automotive tire Asphalt Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle

Cabinetry Product Wood Rectangle Floor

Font Auto part Carmine Fashion accessory Recreation

Shelf Rectangle Wood Shelving Chair

Rectangle Fixture Gas Machine Wood

Kitchen appliance Shelving Bottle Wood Gas

Wood Toy Rectangle Table Building

T-track hold down clamps and organizers would be included.

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Thanks everyone for the great advice, very much appreciated!

I’ll defiantly be looking for some places to post the Roubo for sale. But, based on some of the comments, you all got me to thinking on the assembly table… My main reason for selling that is, it just didn’t fit with my new garage layout. But the “labor of love” comments got me to thinking, that thing really is purpose built to my needs and I like the functionality of it. Soooo… with some creative surgery and a new top, I should be able to shorten that puppy up enough to fit in the new layout.

Thanks again for the comments and guidance. And if anyones ever curios, I can post pics after the table surgery and hopefully won’t need an AED after I’m done with the skill saw…
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