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Heads up all Lj's that are working the craftshows this year - 12' x 12' Canopy sale

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I just wanted to pass this little find along you all of you that will be joining me in the craftshow scene this year. I found this deal today and thought that you might want to know about it.

MCSports has the following going on right now:

10'x10' Quik Shade Canopy on sale for $69.00 (normally 99.00)
But if you go online to and clip on the weekly ad you will get a 20% off almost anything in the store coupon.

So, you can get a 12'x12' Quik Shade Canopy for $79.00. Colors are Blue, Green, and White.
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Thanks for the info
For those not familiar with shows it is best to only purchase a white canopy. Some shows will reject vendors with any other color. Also if you plan on doing more than a handfull of shows I would suggest investing in a professional canopy. I've seen more than a few cheap canopies flipped inside out by sudden gusts of wind. They're also not the most watertight.

BTW I've been doing shows ( both indoor and outdoor) for 5 years. My first tent was an top of the line ez up and it lasted for the first 1 1/2 years. I still have it but it leaks like the exxon valdeze and is a bit rickety. I now have a craft hut which ran me 900 but I don't have to worry about it ruining my product.

Just my .02
The other problem I see with this canopy is it's 12×12 most fairs sell 10×10 space.
I missed the sale. They are all double that price or more.
Hello, the past couple years i've seen walmart selling the ez up canopies really cheap, thinking about getting one myself soon.
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