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Have some mold/fungus questions(raw log and some on workbenches)

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I have an oak tree that had some trunk rot and collapsed in a recent storm. I'm going to try to get lumber from it. Don't have a bandsaw yet, but hope to get one soon. So I'm just cutting the trunk into manageable lengths and sealing the ends. Should I trim the rot off the trunk before I seal it?

Also, I have some workbenches that were not stored properly. I don't want to just get rid of these benches, I actually need at least 1 of them. If I just sand the surface, then seal it with several coats of poly, will that be enough? Or do I need to remove any discolored wood?


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The pics of the bench dont looks so much like mold, but more like mud and crud from spider webs. Give 'em a good scrubbing with Simple Green and they'll probably be ok.

I dont really see the rot in the trunk picture.
The only mud on the benches is from a mud dobber or wasp, the big dark areas are/were mold. The trunk has some weird colors to it, and the center/left(rough-looking area)is so rotten that I can flake off pieces by hand. Let's pretend you can see it, I just want to know if it will spread after it's sealed, or if I can just let it be for another day(which could be months from now).
Putting sealer over it will not stop the cancer. Perhaps a wash with a diluted bleach solution. Let it dry real good then seal.
Ok, I just kept cutting discs until I didn't have soft rot. Here's what the first one looked like:

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