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Has anyone else had the problems i have with the new dewalt planers?

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It snipes everthing and i think the blades are not very sharp to begin with. It also burns almost every piece and i literally have to pull with all my might to get the pieces out of the outfeed side.
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Have you adjusted the infeed and outfeed tables? Have you waxed the bed and buffed it out?

It is burning as the wood is not moving fast enough though the planner…..and the bed is not slick enough and the rollers are pushing the wood into the bed and the wood is sticking to bed due to the friction between the metal and wood.

Btw which model are you referring too? I am thinking the DW735….
A friend of mine purchased a 735 some time ago and had problems that sound like yours. He was ready to toss it. Then he discovered that the knives had been installed incorrectly at the factory. I suggest that you check this out as a possibility. Rowdy
and look for pressure on the rubber roller (infeed and outfeed) one of my friend had this problem and after add pressure on rollers planer run great
i think the rollors are the problem….but how do you adjust this? i did not find it in the manual….. thanks alot everyone!
I've found that several folks are having problems like this with the 735. Some have said it's dirty rollers or dull knives. We've eliminated that and still have the problem. Appears that some have added the infeed and outfeed tables that have helped, but several folks just take it back. I like Dewalt, but if this is a problem with their unit, they need to fix it before they continue to sell it.
I have a 734 and have never had an issue. Replaced a worn set of blades, never a problem.
i think you need to remove the top plastic cover guard and put shim between roller and spring
I have had the 735 for 5 years and the only time i have feed problems is when the blades get dull. I did have to clean the rollers with some mineral spirits once because I sent a glued up panel through a little too soon. I also had the sprocket tooth break on my within my first month, covered under warranty. Is your machine new enough to still be under warranty? I have dealt with Dewalt PC service both in KC and STL and they are awesome. I am sure there is one in Omaha area. I am just glad I got mine when I did, I paid less than $500, now I cringe when I see the prices. However I am fond of the 15" spiral head Grizzly we have at school that we bought last year for just under $1000. I think I would consider the grizzly hard before spending $650 on a Dewalt straight blade. However I had access to both, not to brag, well yes I am because I can:) Hope you can get your machine adjusted.
Thanks for all the tips folks. I actually found in another thread about a guy that had a collapsed hose on his vacuum outtake. Ours was partially collapsed, so we made some adjustments to the hose so it was no longer collapsed (even though we thought this would have nothing to do with it), and low and behold, it appears to be working now. I still can't believe that was the cause of the burned wood, but we've ran several boards through since making the change, and it's working well, so we are happy!!! Thanks again.
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