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Harvey Alpha saw fence question. What are the cap screws for?

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For any Harvey Alpha owners out there. There are 2 "cap screws" on both sides of the fence. Can someone tell me what these are for? Thank you
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And if you dress the finish on the lever, it is a bit smoother to latch. My C-30 had the lever axle bolt fully threaded, so I got a longer bolt where there was no threads where the lever ran.
Lazyman, no these are what I'm talking about.
Looks like they are to use when loosening the aluminum t-track on the fence for adjustment.
Lazyman, no these are what I m talking about.

- sawdust66
Some kinds of protection? Did you find out what it was? I am wondering.
Take 'em out and see what falls off (if anything).

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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