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Hardwood Supplier in SW Indiana (tri-state area)

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Small time hobbyist here and looking for a local hardwood source aside from the big box stores or online. Basics like oak, cherry, maple, etc would be a good start but am also interested in some variety. Thanks in advance.
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I have bought from Dusty Wood Wharehouse in Evansville Where in the Tri-State are you.
I live in IN. Here's where I get a lot of my wood. Reasonable price. Great guy to deal with.
If you make it up to Indianapolis, Northwest Lumber has good stock and great people.
There should be several sawmill operations in southern Indiana. There is plenty of hardwood forest in the area. Frank Miller lumber has an operation in Salem and Union City. In northern Indiana I have several options from the woodworking club, retail outlet and several sawmills.
I am actually just outside of Evansville so I will have to check out Dusty Wood. Thanks again for the replies.

In regards to sawmills, I've never tried that route. Maybe a little intimidated and wasn't sure about the drying process.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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