Harbor Freight - 16" Scroll Saw Part #93012 (Rating: 4)

It was suggested that I review this product so I figure what the heck, the least I can do is try to add to the community.

I have had the saw for about 2 weeks now. Overall, I think it is a great saw. I have cut plywood and pine with it. I haven't had the chance to run any hardwood through it yet. It doesn't cut fast but it is a scroll saw so it isn't expected to. One thing I have to give it credit for, it isn't very heavy but it doesn't jump around my table either.

Pros: Quiet (until you are cutting wood), vacuum port (in front so kind of in the way). I guess I don't have too many. It is a scroll saw and does what a scroll saw is supposed to do.

Cons: the thumbscrew that holds the foot wants to slide. I figure I am going to put some epoxy or silicon caulk on it. A dab should give it just enough grip to work fine. The dust port doesn't work with either of my two shop vac hoses so it might not be a standard port. Of course it could be me. So who knows.

All in all, I like it. Especially since I got it for like half of the sale price.

I gave it four stars because there are some features I could see it having but it does exactly what it is supposed to do in my book. Also I would like to point out, that it looks EXACTLY like the Skil Scroll Saw I saw at Lowes without the side light. I expect it to be the same thing.