Harbor Freight - Carbide Faced Carving Disc (Rating: 4)

I had to carve 2" off the diameter of 4 1/2" pistachio tree that was 50" long and needed something to take off a lot of material without loading up or wearing out. So I tried one of the half donut shaped carving wheels from HF that has pieces of carbide embedded in it. I usually don't like the cutting tools or sand paper from HF, but this carving wheel is one great abrasive tool. It cut all that wood away and is still sharp enough to do it again. I hate to say that I burned out a $10 HF angle grinder using it, but that would not hold up to work this wheel did. I finished the job with a Porter Cable angle grinder.

I also used it to carve some green mesquite wood and it loaded up the carbide after a while, but it was easily cleaned on a brass wire wheel and went back to some serious material removal.

I would highly recommend this $10 wheel !!