Harbor Freight - 3/4" Pipe Clamp with Base (Rating: 5)

about a week ago i needed to pick up some bar clamps to handle a larger project that I was fixing up. I started off at Ace hardware because i knew i needed the pipe and thought i would check the prices of the clamps…and wow they were $17 big ones, and for 2 of them that means $34 + $22 for the pipes…no thanks. So i pulled out the good old phone and looked on HF to see their price…$9.99 on sale plus these have a base which is a bonus if you ask me. I have used them for a few things and they do great! I did a few test to see if they would hold high pressure and i couldn't turn them anymore and they still were strong. They also have ones without the base for the same price or 1/2" for 5.99…seems like a deal to me.