Harbor Freight - 2 hp dust collector (Rating: 4)

A number of LJ's have written about the quality, problems, solutions and modifications concerning the Harbor Freight 2 HP 70 gal. dust collector. We have encountered all the same kinds of problems and decided to modify the unit.

Minimizing equipment footprint is always a concern due to shop space. The HF DC took up additional space because the dust collector dual 4" plastic dust inputs extended out over the carts side footprint. In addition the base was flimsy as other LJ have indicated.

When we saw how LJ GJK combined the HF 24" x 36" Folding Platform Truck with the HF Dust Collector. That inspired us to modify the configuration of the dust collector and eliminate the flimsy base, then see if we could bring the dual 4" plastic "Y" into the carts rectangular footprint.

Our solution was to eliminate the entire original base and mount the DC unit parts directly onto the Platform Truck.