Harbor Freight - 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw (Rating: 5)

Got it on sale for 89.99 instead of $109.
It came out of the box and worked great. Had to put my own blade in it but I was aware of that and had extra. Plus it being a 10" saw I can exchange blades between my table saw and this if I really need to.

Other than not cutting a 90 degree cut it's a great saw. I had to turn the saw a degree to the left to make it square. So at 89 degrees NOT locked in to the zero detent, it cuts square up and down as well as side to side.

The motor is strong, the lockdown knobs are typical harbor freight variety where they're kinda weak but I knew that going in. The blade is definitely square to the cutting table, just not square on the other axis. so my cuts came out at 89 degrees or 91 degrees depending on which side I was cutting on.

I'll finish the very few cuts I have on this project, then it's going back to the store. I'm more than okay with fine tuning a tool but in this case when I have to get out the square and test cut every time I move it, its taking more time than money it's saving me. Especially since it's main purpose is inconsistent from the get-go, it kinda bugs me.
I'll save up for a used ridgid, desalt, hitachi or the like.