Rikon - 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Bandsaw (Rating: 5)

I purchased the Rikon 14' Ultimate Bandsaw during the Woodcraft 2 day sale this past weekend. So far i couldnt be happier with this purchase! Before i bought this saw all i had was a small Craftsman bench top BS from the 80's so this is a night and day comparison…. although i have used several other BSs in the past.
This review is just an overview of my experience… i agree with all the pros and stats on the other reviews so i wont recap them again!

Like i said i bought the saw at Woodcraft during thier 10% off 2 day sale which lowered the cost and allowed me to splurge on a couple other accessories. I also bought the Carter Guide Kit and a Timberwolf 1/2" blade to replace the Stock blade which is crap! Both the new blade and the Carter Kit where also on sale!

Assembly for me was a breeze!! When i stopped by the store on friday they had 3 in stock and one floor display. When i went back on Saturday they had sold the 2 in stock and the floor display! The salesman had just finished up assembling the last one they had…. so all i had to do was take it home!

When i got it home i put it on a mobile base i already had and then went back through the assembly manual step by step double checking what the salesman had already done. Just to check for loose bolts and make fine adjustments. Overall he did a pretty good job.. only a couple bots that werent very tight!

Then i installed the Carter Guide Kit (on sale as well)... the kit went together without any problems! i would have purchased the New Carter Micro Adjustment kit but they didnt have it in stock because it was brand new so they would have had to special order it and i have problem with "instant gratification"!

One problem i did have was when i tightened the bolts that hold the fence rail to the table…. it raised the end of the fence up about a 1/4".... it was an easy fix though! i just put a washer under the fence where it bolts to the clamp and added 2 longer bolts! i am not going to worry too much about that one! You can see the fence in the pictures above..

Like i said i couldnt be happier with this purchase! I havent found any issuse other than the fence which was an easy fix and im not worried about because i will most likely upgrade the fence or build my own later! Based on Price,Horsepower(1.5HP)and Resaw Height, I dont think you can beat this BS! I only have 120/20amp in my garage and it doesnt dim the lights or trip the breaker even under load! i made several quick cuts and resawed a piece of 5 inch ash i had laying around so i havent yet run it through its paces yet so i cant give you a full review, but i will keep you posted on any updates.