Woodpeckers - 4" Saddle T-Square (Rating: 4)

Product Details:
"Woodpeckers Saddle T-Squares improve your lay out accuracy with three unique features - a series of holes to guide your pencil, an edge that wraps around your work, and a high-contrast laser-engraved scale."

4" version currently costs $54.99 + shipping

Having preset holes at 1/16" intervals makes for faster, more accurate layout work parallel to the side of the board.

The 3/4" saddle means that thinner boards have to be stacked on top of something to make them tall enough for the saddle to hang off the side of the board.

The saddle allows lines perpendicular to the edge to be transferred from one face to the other.

There are different sizes (4", 6", 8", 12") available. As with most Woodpeckers products, these are expensive, but high quality and very durable. There are probably plenty of other manufacturers that make this kind of tool.

Most importantly, don't forget to use it if you have one.

I've had the 4" version since 2018. I didn't see the value in getting a larger version. It comes in very handy when laying out mortises, rabbets, or anything else that needs lines parallel to the edge of a board. My biggest problem is that I put it away and forget it is in the tool chest and grab a t-square instead which takes a lot more time to set up. With a regular square each line requires a separate set up.

With the saddle square, it's a matter of finding the right hole. The staggered spacing helps with that.

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A 0.7mm mechanical pencil fits into the hole perfectly. Just make sure not to snap off the lead in the hole or forget to push more lead out of the pencil as it is used.

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Keeping the edge of the saddle tight against the board isn't difficult. I usually use my left thumb and pointer finger, which also gives good leverage for pulling the saddle along. (borrowed picture from Woodpeckers site)

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The side of the saddle is 3/4" long which means thin boards have to be put on top of something to make them tall enough that the saddle can hang over the side.

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For me, the saddle square's primary usefulness is the ability to make parallel lines to the side of the board. However, it also allows perpendicular marks to be transferred the face of the board to the side of the board.

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(borrowed picture from Woodpeckers site)