Bessey - EHKL 24" Trigger Clamp (Rating: 5)

The Bessey line of Trigger clamps are handy to have around the shop. The nomenclature takes a little while to get used to. Names like EHKL and EHKXL don't exactly roll off the tongue, but hey it's the product that counts. These are like a beefed up version of the trigger clamps by another brand that you may be familiar with. In use, the clamp jaw pads don't fall off, and the clamping mechanism is easy to operate. The EHKL clamps are rated at 300# of clamping force, which is adequate to clamp a board to your workbench while routing, or clamp a medium sized project together. While I don't think they will replace my parallel clamps or pipe clamps, the trigger clamps definitely have their place in the shop. If you're releasing the clamp in a vertical position, it releases quickly and extends fully. Just be aware of that, as it surprised be the first time. One of the best features of this clamp is the tool-free quick change to become a spreader. This is very handy. Just push a button and move the jaw to the other end. This is one feature that I do use fairly often in the shop.