Hultafors - 390053 EDC 18 Chisel (Rating: 5)

I first saw these advertised in Furniture & Cabinetmaking, a woodworking magazine published in the UK. As luck would have it the chisels were available on Amazon UK for shipping to the USA. I would have preferred a couple of millimeters wider blade, but, as is often the case on Amazon, the prices and shipping costs vary across different models of the same product and this one was a good price. At the time I bought this, it was $14.73 with $6.40 shipping.

The quality is excellent. The long handle is nicely textured and gives you a lot of control. The blade has a rust free coating on it, but I had to take off an inch or so of it when I flattened the back (which was pretty flat to start with). I also cut the bevel back to 25º. According to the card that came with it, it can be struck with a mallet.

It comes with a nice quality sheath that clips to your belt or pocket. It will get a lot of use in my shop when I need an "Everyday" chisel for utility work. I still have my better bench and butt chisels for finer work.

Bottom line: If I lost it, I'd order another one.