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Hand Plane Identification

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Picked up this cute and intetesting plane at the Flea-tique mall near me today. Blade adjustment and cap screw knobs are brass. No chip breaker. There are no markings on this anywhere.
Anyone have any ideas about maker or age…..???


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might have been made by Sargent for a company like made X-acto kits. Just a wild guess. : )
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This is the blade assembly and the adjustment device. You just put the top slot of the blade onto the brass wheel atop the screw.


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This does appear to be Sargent, though probably made by them for resale through some other company, as there are no markings.
Just found teo smaller planes with similar features listed as Sargent on the bay.

Nice lightweight plane. Fits well in my hand. Fun to use (blade installed bevel down) as well as interesting looking.
Barry, since you're in MD and I'm in SOMD, curious to know which "Flea-tique" you were at, can't have enough places if they have old tools…
Sargent No. 2204 block plane

Ah'm a displaced Chawls Cowknee boy that has wound WAY up here in Hagerstown. (Druther be back down home 'long the 'tomick rivuh and the Mattawoman Creek, but ah woun' up thisaway….

Anyhow, There are several places up here in Hagetstown, one of mt favorites is called Antique Crossroads, on Route 40, just a little South of where Route 70 crosses it. DO NOT go into Beaver Creek Antiques next door. Their prices are so damned high you need an oxygen mask!!!
I agree that this is a Sargent, but not quite sold that it's a 2204. Reason being, my plane is almost eight inches in length. Closer to a smooth plane in length than a block plane…..
couple other things that seem to set it aside of being a 2204 is the location of the lever cap thumb screw in the lever cap and the knob being on it.
I agree that thing is just screaming Sargent, but there are notable differences as BlasterStumps mentioned.
2204's are 4 and a quarter inches long and even the 5206 and 4206 are only 6 inches long and none of them had a front knob. Could it have been a prototype, pre production, etc?

Edit: I take the no front knob comment back…….it seems the 4206 Type 1 had a metal front knob.
After the dealer sale and cash discounts, this "Sargent-y" plane (appologies to the spaghetti sauce) cost me $18.02, including taxes, tags and title…..
Looks like it was worth it! I find this piece really intriguing. And it will be fun messing with people who come into the shop. I doubt most of the people I know have never even seen a 2204, so this thing will screw with their heads…..
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