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Hand Plane Block or Veritas L-A Smooth Plane?

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Hey Everybody

I was looking in to block planes and after doing a bit if research I think that a Veritas LA Smooth Plane is a better alternative to a Block Plane seeing as it has larger wings with is ideal for shooting miters and to me it will be put to good use when its time to smooth a bored, its low angle so it can do end grain. So having said all that what do u have to say an I right? am I overlooking something? Will this plane make a good smoother? or wood a higher angle Veritas 4 1/2 be better for sommthing?

Thanks Adam Thorpe Pickering
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Good point. It's wise to lay down wood or rubber mats in front of your
bench if you have a hard floor because you'll regret it eventually if you don't.
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