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Hand Engraved Planes

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I'm new to this forum and I thought I'd introduce myself by showing ya'll some of my work. I run a little shop called Cajun Handplanes in Baton Rouge. I specialize in the restoration and Hand Engraving of Stanley and other planes. Now that I'm up and running full time, I'd appreciate some input and critique of the work. Family and friends always love what you do but I think the critique of strangers is the most telling. Hope you guys like these planes and please drop me a line if you like the work or would like to commision a job. You can see a bunch more photos of my work on my website.
Layne Zuelke

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Thanks for the comments guys. I've been happily suprised by collectors and I've engraved quite a few rare planes for folks all over the world. The rule of fine engraving is, like the hypocrtic oath. First do no harm. In any engraving , the finished piece should be worth more than what the tool or gun was worth as it sat, by the value of the engraving applied. I do know that my work has risen in value over the last year as collectors have been willing to pay more for the work. I let the market dictate. It is definately an investment.
Thanks again guys for the comments. This is about the most active woodworking forum I've ever experienced. To answer the question about how long it takes to engrave a plane, It depends. A #4 would be a good place to start. A standard scroll engraving takes around 4-6 hours. If I add a punchdot background to that it adds another 2 hours at minimum. It is time consuming work but then again all good precision handwork is. Woodworkers of all people know this. I love to do it though so the time goes by. And, every job is different. My neck, back, elbows and wrist do pay the price though!
Nope. I did not engrave Chris's #5 although I'm preparing sketches do do a #4 Lie-Nielsen Bedrock for him. I'd love to take credit but that is the work of Catharine Kennedy. She's my only partner in crime in plane engraving. She and I are the only folks I know of engraving planes almost exclusively. Our styles are very similar but if you studied them side by side, you would notice the each is unique to the engraver. We can instantly tell our work apart. Both are mostly based on traditional English and American gun engraving styles but with our own twist. That is the wonderful thing about this art. An engravers style is like his own unique fingerprint or signature.
Treat yourself and get in touch with one of us. You (and your heirs) will never regret it!
Thanks Ya'll,
Thanks for the tip and here is Catharines new website.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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