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Hand Engraved Planes

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I'm new to this forum and I thought I'd introduce myself by showing ya'll some of my work. I run a little shop called Cajun Handplanes in Baton Rouge. I specialize in the restoration and Hand Engraving of Stanley and other planes. Now that I'm up and running full time, I'd appreciate some input and critique of the work. Family and friends always love what you do but I think the critique of strangers is the most telling. Hope you guys like these planes and please drop me a line if you like the work or would like to commision a job. You can see a bunch more photos of my work on my website.
Layne Zuelke

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Wow,It does make a statement. I like it! Who cares what the collectors think,this is art and IMO should be on a tool that is used. I can think of a couple of planes that I use almost daily that the engraving would elevate it from a rather commonplace tool to a VERY special one.
Thanks for sharing,great work.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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