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Hammer a3-41

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Hello friends. Sorry for the multiple posts if you're seeing this after seeing my response on other threads, but wanted to get this out there to as many folks as possible because I know there is high demand for this machine.

Looking to sell my Hammer A3-41 because I need to downsize in my cramped garage shop. Silent cutter head with mobile kit. In solid condition, bought from felder and they tuned it in 2017. Manufactured in 2012.

Located in Charlotte NC. Looking for $6500 OBO. Thanks!
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I sent you a PM with my number I am interested in this machine for sure.

I'm interested in this. Is it still available?
Hello, yes it is still available at the moment.
I tried to send you a message but it indicates I don't have 5 posts so I can't. I'm not sure how to get around that.
But I'm definitely interested in buying this and am only a few hours away.
I don't see any pics posted.
Let me know how to contact you about this.
Ok so it indicates each of these as a post. I'm just going to make a couple more of these as a test to see if I can send you a message to discuss this.
That didn't work. Maybe you could send me a message.
I have the same issue lol. You can text me at 910.551.1778
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