Bug-Assalt - Bug-A-Salt Mini Shotgun (Rating: 5)

When you have a tricky cut on the table saw, both hands on a router or lathe tool - you can count on it - that's when a fly will start biting. And, that's when I stop and reach for the Bug-A-Salt. Biting insects are a serious distraction and a matter of shop safety and comfort.

What's a Bug-A-Salt? It is a lot of fun, but not a toy. It's a high quality plastic, pump-action mini shotgun. A top fill container holds a couple table spoons of table salt. Racking the pump handle loads a pinch of salt and compresses an internal spring. A plastic sight pops up to indicate it's cocked. Click the safety off and your ready to go gunning for REVENGE.

Does it work? Yes, the gun fires salt at a high velocity. The pattern spreads like a shotgun which limits it's effective range. The manufacture claims 34", that would be a lucky shot. Inside 2 ft, it will murder or maim most insects. The sights are accurate and accuracy matters. The more high velocity salt you can place on target the better.

The most effective way to rid your shop of flies? Probably not. Fun? Absolutely. But, it is pricey at $39.95 with free shipping from Amazon. Google might find a better deal.

How do you justify the cost? Well, I used unit pricing. The first fly cost me 40 bucks. After that they are all free.