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grizzly table saws

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I am currently looking at buying a new grizzly cabinet saw. I am considering the G1023s or the G1023sl. The features and specifications appear to be identical for the 2 saws. Can anyone tell me what the main differences are with beteen them and if what your impressions of these two models may be.
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The SL has a left tilting blade, and I believe the S is right tilting..also the sl has a redesigned guard.
Dons got you covered since he just bought one.
If your going to buy a Grizzly…and your willing to spend roughly $1100…you need to look at the G0690, For just a couple of hundred more, you get a left tilt saw, larger table, new trunion, a true riving knife etc. If I am not mistaken you even have to buy a dust port for the G1023…while it is a great saw that Grizzly has sold for years…if you can swing the extra $300…it is well worth it.
The G0691 with 50" rip and table board is on sale with free shipping for $1295 delivered. The 1023SL is on sale for $1075 shipped.

Also, AFAIK the 1023 has 8" wings vs 10" wings, and does not include the motor cover, but that may have changed in recent years.
Thanks Scott, I forgot about the motor cover and the difference in wing size. Sanders, before you order your saw, I would recommend calling Grizzly to see if they now add the motor cover and dust hood/port, and if not….how much those extras would cost.

By the time you add these on to the final price, you could easily buy the newer saw with more options. The G0691 that Scott is talking about is the same as mine but with a 52" cut/rip capacity AND like he says…free shipping. Your only looking at about a $175 difference as they sit…and if the G1023 still does not come with the extras we have talked about… would actually wind up paying more for a older designed saw.
thanks for the advice and for the welcoming ot LJs
Just recieved my Grizzly 1023 saw yestarday and it does come with a motor cover, everything is enclosed by what I could tell.

I didn't have a chance to put the saw together sadly, but that's what I will be doing first thing in the morning! I can't wait!

Also, it looks like it arrived unharmed!
Congrats on the new saw Sailor…hope it works great for you.
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