Grizzly - T31496 - Helical Cutterhead for 13" DeWalt Planer (Rating: 5)

I purchased and installed this new cutterhead for my Dewalt 735 planer. Very smooth online purchase and delivery, good install instructions along with a Youtube video was all I needed to get the cutterhead installed. I was a bit skeptical about installing the two bearing, but they were fairly easy to seat with a block of wood and a deep socket. With this setup you do not have to remove all the carbide cutters to install. I took my time and the whole install process took about two hours.
The cutting performance is excellent and the slight bit of snipe that was getting with the straight knives is completely gone. The biggest difference is the noise reduction, it is AMAZING. On my first test cut I was cranking the depth handle down as a piece of maple was running thru the planer, waiting to hear the knives cutting the wood. I wasn't until I heard the planer nearly stall out that I realized that the planer was cutting just not making hardly any noise. I took a big gouge out of that piece :) The next few passes I had to listen very carefully for the knives to contact the wood and watch the depth cut indicator.
I ran a bunch of maple butcher block counter top thru the planer today and I am very satisfied with this purchase, should have done it long ago.
For less than $400 it was well worth the money.