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Grizzly Model G0715P 10" Hybrid Table Saw Issues

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Just recently bought the Grizzly G0715P Table Saw and I'm having a issue with the LH & RH Top Adjustment Screws and Lock Nuts on the Fence Flange sitting above the table saw top about .32". I noticed this when I ripped my first piece of wood. It's bad enough the the wood began to rock on me and caused a kick back luckily i was positioned out of the way.

I called Grizzly for technical support and they asked me to review the setup and there is only one way to install the rails to support the fence so I was sure I did it correctly. They then said they would send me a new rail, but before the technician could do anything he had to talk to his boss. The boss was well aware of the issue and suggested another fix and that was to grind the screw and lock nut down to allow the wood to lay flat. I didn't feel comfortable to grind the hardware myself so the technician said they could do it and send me the ground down hardware. I just received it and it made no difference. Back to square one.

Any suggestions before I call Grizzly back?
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Can you take a pic?
Yes I have a picture.
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Very frustrating to have a brand new saw and can't use it.


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Just to cover the basics, are you sure you don't have the front and rear brackets reversed? If that's correct, maybe you could elongate the bracket holes to allow the fence rail to drop a bit farther. I suppose it's possible that you got a set rails that were drilled wrong, in which case have them send you new rails.
Yes I've verified the rail installation. Grizzly said it's a know problem with this saw and are trying to get the manufacturer to slot the holes on the rails to make adjustments as needed. Their fix for now is to grind the adjustment hardware low enough.
, it looks like your angle iron that bolts to the saw is to high, you should be able to lower the angle iron, then your square tubing that the fence rides on should work, but I could be mistaken I have a 1023sl and that's how mine works, take the square tube off that the fence rides on, then check the angle iron bolted to the saw, it should have elongated holes for height adjust if not take a dremel or drill and make the hole in the angle iron slotted so you can lower it for the square tube to sit on if I was there I would help you get it fixed I think, OK Knottscott has the answer same as mine I didn't even read his reply. >>>>> Good Job Knott you hit the rail on the head<<<<<<
Adjusting the front rail sounds like the best fix.
I may take a look at sloting the holes because they are not slotted at all on this saw. It does look too high. Thanks Bowedcurly.
I would double check the angle iron, the edge should be higher like close to the table edge chamfer, you could possibly have them backwards, I usually do ething backwards to start with anyway, hope you get it fixed and make lotsa dust. have a good day
slotting sounds good just double check ething, before doin a bunch of work, but have a good day, glad to be of some help
Thank you again Bowedcurly. Got lot of ideas for projects so I'm ready.
You ncould slot the rails but I have that saw and just ground down the fasteners with my random orbital sander and some 80 grit paper. Quick, easy, done! I left my fence on the saw, locked down while I sanded. That way I knew exactly how much to take off.
Gfadvm that's what I did and now the problem is no longer there. Thanks for the response.
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