Grizzly - GO766 (Rating: 3)

So far, not real impressed with the whole new Grizzly lathe thing. To began with, it was supposed to come to Clarkston Wa, (300 miles from Seattle). Instead it was miss directed by Fedex and ended up in Denver CO. (900 miles the wrong way!)
A week latter I get a beat up box, with a heavily scratched up lathe, ( all the blocking for securing it was broke lose). but as for the mechanical parts, it was or seem to be all in working order.
I spent several hours, cleaning, leveling and general set up on my new toy, I've not used a wood lathe sense Highschool but do have some limited experience on a metal lathe. So needing a little refresher course, my 12 year old son and I took a pen lathing class at wood craft to better familiarize ourselves with our new lathe. At this time I bought a bunch of pen making stuff including a 60 deg live center to butt up to my new pen mandrel. After turning our first pen, the new live center was all beat up around the point, and closer inspection I noticed it was not at all lined up to the spur. As you can see in the photos the line shaft coming out of the head stock is not centered at all in the casting, and there is about a .050 mismatch from spur to the live center point. thats if I try to fudge them as close as possible by racking each part. So now I get to build a crate and send the 200 lb head stock back and do it all over again. Kind of wishing I would have saved a bit more and got the PM.
Oh well, live and learn.

Ps( Grizzly does have good service when needing assistance. But you will do all the work, and its a LOT of mechanical work at times)