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Grizzly GO691

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Hello Fellow LJ's,

I have been looking to upgrade my tablesaw, and am about to pull the trigger on a Grizzly GO691. I need pro's and con's before stepping up to the plate, especially from owners of this saw.

Thank you in advance,

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Well proven, well liked, one of the best bangs for the buck in 3hp cabinet saws, many in the field, you'll be your own middleman/no local dealer support.
Did you check the reviews?

Also look at the GO690 reviews. Same saw with 30in rails

That saw has been the subject of numerous threads, so a search of GO691 and GO691 will give you a lot of info.
I don't have one but the price and the specs are really impressive. Jay's right, this topic has been asked many times. Dig up old threads about this saw.
Bought mine last fall no regets, easy set up with great results. You will need to up grade the blade which I knew ahead of time. I believe I was up and running in about two hrs. Did the set up myself no help. I've own two prior saws one contractor and cabinet saw both were used Delta's, but just wanted a smaller foot print saw in my shop garage, so I sold my uni-saw bought the 690 and pocketed 200.00 which I upgraded the blade and miter gauge. I'm really happy with this saw hope this help best wishes…Blacherry
I hear the 1023 is a better saw. It is made in Taiwan rather than China. My Grizzly machines built in Taiwan seem to be better built than the ones built in China. IMHO
It's a really good saw but from what I've heard, it has some issues wit h dust system.
I just got my G0690 today! It's still on the pallet ready for the mobile base to be put together. I have to say that the looks of the saw is fantastic. I will be posting a review when I get it together and start making sawdust.
For the money, I really don't think you can set any more saw. I looked at the Jet, Powermatic and even the Saw Stop. After getting this thing all unpacked, I don't see any less features on the Grizzly than what the others that cost 2 times as much.
Good luck in your saw hunt.
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