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Grizzly G1495 lathe

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Does any one own this Grizzly lathe? There is one listed locally with the copier attachment. I/my son are looking to make about 3 dozen replacement spindles for a victorian house and are interested in it. If it is total junk I'll save my money for something old or heavy.
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I have a Oliver Lathe. But my advice is if all you want to do is make spindles and the lathe works well then buy it for a cheep price. Make your spindles then sell it. If you want to make works of art, bowls and the like then you may wish to buy a better lathe.
I own a grizzly lathe, G5979 12×35/1/2 variable speed does every thing I need iit for . I ever had any thing go wrong.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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