Grizzly - G1023SL 10" Table Saw 3 HP Single-Phase 220V Left-Tilt (Rating: 5)

I received my new TS this past Thursday. The freight guy was kind enough to go ahead and put it in my garage for me :) That was excellent I thought and was not expecting that at all. This review will just be a first impression on how it was shipped and how easy/difficult it was to assemble the machine.

01. SHIPPING - 5/5

The shipping was great. No holes or damage at all on any of the boxes. It came with two boxes. One for the fence and other for machine. The cabinet came on two palettes. It came like this. Bottom palette → smaller palette-> cabinet. The smaller palette came secured to the bottom palette and also had strips of 3/4" wood around the edges of the cabinet. The wood also had foam padding on the sides of the braces to keep it from damaging the cabinet. The cabinet also had 4 red metal pieces underneath the cabinet (1 on each side) and bolted down on the smaller palette to hold it in place. This saw wasn't going anywhere.

The fence and other items were packaged like you would expect, nothing fancy, just well packaged.


I started out by getting all the hardware out and grouping it together. Everything was there with a few extras.

03. CLEANING - 5/5

I first started by cleaning the top on the TS with mineral spirits and cloth towels purchased from Lowes. It was fairly easy to get the stuff off. I then moved to the extension wings, miter gauge etc….

04. ASSEMBLING - 4/5

I assembled this by myself and moved around in the garage where I needed it. I would recomment having another person help you, but I didn't have that :( I followed the manual which was very easy IMHO. If someone hasn't put a TS together before it may have been more difficult. The hardest part for me was to hold the extension wings in one arm and thread the bolt into the table top and to make sure it was flush from front to back. I only gave 4/5 because if a person has to do the entire job by themself then it can get a little more tedious/strenous, otherwise if you have two people it gets 5/5 and the job is a breeze.

Rails were very easy to assemble and get flush.

If you decide to use the guard it's easily configured. I had to remove 2 washers from the front part of the guard assembly to make it flush with the blade, no big deal. Longest part was just making sure knife was inline with blade.

The fence rails were very easy to attach. The front rail sat perfectly on the table with a hairline clearance so it would slide easily.

Nothing major here, just attach the switch and the brace to the cabinet.

Nothing major here again. Just use some common sense is all.

If you have problems just look at the diagram in the manual. Self explanatory.

Simple also. Some small pins to slide down the side. Self explanatory.

Just bout a 220 20a plug from Lowes (5-7 bucks) and wired. Nothing hard here.

What a breeze to install a new saw blade compared to my old one.


- Miter Gauge - Dead on accurate from the box.
- Saw Blade - 0 and 45 was dead on, no adjusting needed.
- Miter Slot to Blade - Again, it was dead on.
- Blade to rip fence - Adjusting was needed here. I spent 20-30 minutes getting it where I wanted it. I finally got the back with a digital caliper at 2.008 and front measured 2.006/7 Sometimes the front would switch between 6 and 7. I hope this is what everyone else gets. I actually enjoyed tuning and making sure everything was set correctly :)


I have to say Grizzly got back to my emails within 4 hours, most of the time within 1 hour. They explained everything very clearly and detailed. I have to give CS a big thumbs up here.

07: CONCLUSION: 5/5 Highly Recommend

My overall conclusion was more than I expected. The first look at the motor and I was like WOW, this is huge. This looks like to be a great saw. I spent a more than a few hours assembling the saw, but it was only me and I just took my time. With two people and some experience assembling a few other machines in the past it wouldn't take long at all. I would think the longest part would be taking off the grease and then making sure everything is tuned correctly. Luckily I only had to really adjust the fence.

This was by far the easiest table saw that I have put together although i've only put 3 others together before this one.

Grizzly gets a 5/5 from me and a big thumbs up.

PS: I will post actual pics within the next days.