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Grizzly G0790 Planer

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I've been put on the wait list for this new planer that Grizzly has. It's a new model this year and it's not supposed to ship until March 13th. Based on similar models made by other manufacturers it appears to be very a very solid design and I don't think I'll have a problem with stability given the 65 lb. weight. I was looking for a used DeWalt DW735X 13" planer (, but there aren't many available in this area (which makes me think it's good enough to make people want to hang on to them) and the used ones that are for sale aren't much cheaper than a new unit (the cheapest one I found was $425 and it looked like it was beat to crap). Frankly, it's just a little too out of my budget. I've never owned a Grizzly tool before and I ALWAYS want to look and touch tools before I buy them, but on my brothers advice I decided to go ahead and order this one. Not to mention it's a LOT more budget friendly than most of the used planers I've looked at. I've looked at the DeWalt DW734 (, but there's more flex in the body than I'm comfortable with and a lot of models with that same/similar design seem to have the same issue. That reason has steered me away from the Grizzly G0505 ( I think it's just too tall for the footprint it has. I have a better gut feeling about something that has a design that's a little more squatty.

I called and talked to the guys at Grizzly before I placed my order. I asked about a spiral cutter head upgrade and I was told that they didn't have any information about that at the time, but given the fact that there are spiral cutters for the G0505 model I believe it won't be long before that option is available for this benchtop model (if someone hasn't started on that already). It's possible that the spiral head for the G0505 model is compatible with the G0790…they're both 12 1/2" models. I don't know for sure if I ever will upgrade the cutter head, but given that this is the first planer I've bought and the stock cutter only has two knives, I'd like to know that I at least have the option.

What I'm looking for is advice, opinions and any knowledge about planers that I can gain from people more experienced than I am. What should I be concerned about or specifically look for when purchasing a planer? Is there anything that jumps out at you that should make me want to think twice about this? I know it doesn't have infeed/outfeed tables, but I'm planning on building a portable base for it that will include infeed/outfeed tables so I don't consider that to be a deal-breaker.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me learn more!
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It looks to me to be a twin of the Central Machinery model:

I like mine, but it's not worth much on wider boards. And even rough-sawn narrower stock hangs up on the first couple of passes. Keep your bed polished, rollers clean and blades sharp.
The only difference I can see comparing to HF's planer is 1/2" greater width capacity. And HF's is $10 cheaper.

I do like the 4 corner screw posts. Should make the head more stable. Most lunch boxers have 6" height capacity, but honestly, I'm not sure how often I've ever needed that. Once, maybe. I'm curious how well the chip collection works on both brands, as they look identical.

The knives on both of these seem very tiny. Makes me wonder how well they'd hold up.

It does look identical, minus the 1/2" capacity difference and the extra HP on the Central Machinery model. Do you think the 1 1/2 HP is going to be sufficient on the Grizzly model? I'm looking to get into making end-grain cutting boards. If it is an issue I suppose I will be banking on someone having a spiral cutter head upgrade for it. From what I've read they put less strain on the motor than a standard cutter head.


Nice name, first off. I tried that one but it was already taken. SO YOU'RE THE ONE!!!!! lol

Anyway, I do like the bigger footprint compared to the height which is why I like this model over the G0505. I didn't see the need of the 6" height capacity on a planer that only has a 12 1/2" wide capacity. I don't see myself making anything big enough to require big blocks of wood like that. Maybe later on I'll change my mind about that once I gain more experience and start getting into other things with woodworking, but for now I think 4" capacity is plenty for what I need.
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Sparks, they still could be twins (I've seen some hp ratings that are suspect). When I bought mine at HF, it was advertised as a 12-1/2". I've never measured it.

End grain cutting boards will be difficult, in my opinion. I'm a pretty big Harbor Freight fan, but I'm looking for a better planer. It's not that the motor is not powerful enough, it's that the stock gets hung up (stalls) on its way through the machine. I end up standing on the outfeed side pulling the stock out - sometimes with great effort and after the rubber roller has left a black "burn" mark on the surface of the piece. I never, ever lower the cutters more than a quarter-turn, for a maximum cut depth of 1/64". The manual says the machine's maximum cut is 3/32". This is 6 times the maximum depth I have ever attempted. Still, the stock jams while passing through.

The blades are indexed, so there's no way to install them too "shallow." I've sharpened my blades and installed a new replacement set. I've waxed the bed and cleaned the rollers with mineral spirits. And I cut with the grain. Still . . .

As I said earlier, narrower stock that is smooth-both-sides works best. I'm having a hard time picturing end grain cutting boards passing easily through mine. And I hate to say it, but I'd be surprised if anyone produces a spiral cutting head for it.
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Thanks for the input Mark. Again, I'm new to planers so this is all a learning experience for me. I found this spiral head for the G0505

It's $443 (OUCH!) and I'm only assuming that somebody will make the spiral head for the G0790 planer (again, assuming this same head won't fit both models). It's hard to justify a $450 upgrade to a $285 tool, but we'll see how things go.

Maybe this isn't the model I need for making cutting boards, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? Maybe some day someone will buy me a present wink
So I decided to cancel my order for the planer. It was supposed to ship out from Grizzly this past Friday and I called to check on the status. It turns out there's some kind of strike with the dock workers on the west coast and they won't unload the cargo ships. Looks like there's a bunch of tools just bobbing around the Pacific. They said it would be delayed at least another 4 weeks. I've decided to start with a simpler (and less expensive) method and rebuild some old hand planers/jointers that I can use. I've got my hands on a couple of planes (Bailey 6C & 7C) that I'll clean up and use. I'm still looking for some smaller models to use too.
Sparks, I don't know if you'll be happy using hand planes - I really don't have an opinion either way. But I feel almost sure you would have been unhappy trying to accomplish your tasks with the planer you had ordered.

Canceling the order was a good decision, in my opinion.
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