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Grizzly G0715P, change motor

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Hi all. I'm new here, from norway, and just ordered a G0715P table saw from grizzly. (Still in transit) As we have 220-240 volt 50 hertz, and US has 60 hertz, i will loose approx 20% effect. Anyone knows the weight of just the motor ? Maybe possible to change the motor, or change the pulleys to get the same rpm on the blade. You have so many saws to choose from, and much lower prices than over here. The saw cost me a lot in sea freight and taxes, but still much cheaper. Appreciate all info. Pardon my english :)
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Nordmann, your English is just fine.
Changing the pulleys is not a great idea. You might pick up some blade speed, but the power will be reduced even more.
Motor change might be a good choice if you can find the correct size and fit. Also, an expense.
Why not try it as it is built to see the performance.
Just my thoughts.
Bill, wise thoughts :) I will of course try it as it is, before i do any modifications.
Must get it over here first. Still in warehouse in NJ
You'll still have 83% of the speed you would if running on 60Hz, should be a major hindrance from a performance perspective. I too would give it a shot before deciding to change anything. You shouldn't be down on torque much if any at all as it is a function of having the correct voltage and amperage.
Picked up the saw at shipping company. A perfect fit in my little "pizza van". Removed the extension wings which is packed on top of the saw, and "walked" the saw down a couple of 2×8. No problem. Have just started the assembly. Not Powered it up yet. Some minor miniscratches on the wings, and on the motor cover, but considering it has been transported "halfway around the globe", it could have been much worse. The cleanup of the wings and table was actually very easy. They must have change the transport grease to a much lighter type of grease. Came off very easy with some paper and rags. Looking forward to power it up :)
Excellent. Would like your opinion of it after it is setup and ready to cut. Considering purchasing a G0715P myself.
Wow…that just fit in your van! Please post again once you've got it up and running….I'm curious how it works out for you.
Attached the wings, and they were ok without any adjustment. Rails/tube was no problem. Had to do some minor adjustment of the fence. Saw blade/miter slot was ok, just a little off. Good enough for me, and my use :) Changed the strange looking american power plug :) and powered it up. Runs very nice. Tried to rip some 2×4, and it was like butter. So i'm happy with the saw so far. When checking the blade alignment, i could see the deflection that seems to be the problem with this type of saws. But that is when the blade is at the highest. Take it down a few mm, and it's ok. Just wonder way grizzly can't fix this. It seems like it has been a problem for years.
When I had to work for a living, I was shipping some equipment to another country that used 50hz. I talked to my Electrical Engineer friend down the hallway. He said don't worry about the 50/60hz. He said it will make a little more heat but run just fine and He felt it really wouldn't shorten the life of the motor enough to notice. We were not shipping table saws and it could be different for a saw and the RPM might mess with you. You might really notice it with a dado head. Wishing you the best with your new purchase and look forward to reading more later.
Put on my freud 206 dado stack, and cut 5/8" wide, approx 1/2" deep, no problem. Couldn't hear the saw slowing down. Still no hardwood, just some scrap spruce. My old saw, a makita 2704, can retire now :)
Jeg kjøpte den samme sagen for 4 år siden, og er veldig fornøyd med den. Men, med 60Hz motor må jeg hjelpe den igang. Dado er helt umulig. Når har jeg fått tak i en 50Hz motor med samme pesifikasjoner, og skal bytte motor i dag…
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