Grizzly - G0690 3HP 10" Cabinet saw (Rating: 1)

- Grizzly customer service is unfailingly polite
- I learned a lot about tablesaws. Nothing like taking one apart to learn how they operate.
- I've got a lot of practice using my bandsaw
- adrenalin rush when you realize you've switched off the saw but the blade isn't stopping!

- brand new Grizzly G0690 tablesaw was unsafe to use
- 2 months of wasted time
- Having to return the 500 lb saw at my own time and expense to Grizzly

Much of this saga is told in real time on this LJ thread, but I wanted to provide a shorter summary, which would be easier to find for those considering purchasing a Grizzly G0690 tablesaw.

A few pics and videos:

My first cabinet saw! Brand new saw, paid full price. Assembly was fine. Looked sharp.
Wood Wheel Flooring Tire Floor

This is a picture of the table insert, nicked by the freespinning blade after the arbor nut fell off - which happened repeatedly. Lots of energy in a spinning blade ….....
Wood Rectangle Red Magenta Tints and shades

Getting inside the saw - just what I didn't want to be doing on a brand new purchase.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

This is how the replacement part they sent me showed up. For me, this picture really says it all. They just don't care.
Wood Road surface Table Asphalt Flooring

And the replacement part, a gear bearing assembly, didn't fit properly, with the (stationary) riving knife components actually making contact with the (spinning) arbor.
Gas Auto part Machine Gear Circle

- Bad quality control on original machine (bearing problem)
- Bad customer service - Grizzly tech support telling me not to worry about the 'slow start',instead of finding the source of the problem on a brand new machine and dealing with it
- Disregard for safety - Grizzly tech support asking me to make a video of running the saw with the dado blade when I'd told them that the arbor nut is repeatedly loosening / falling off
- Screwing the customer - After identifying the bearing as being the problem, Grizzly told me the saw needed to be replaced; they then backtracked after finding that the shipping was "too expensive"
- Disregard for safety - after reneging on sending me a replacement, they told me to try to fix the saw by hitting the arbor with a hammer. Not exactly a high confidence solution.
- Carelessness - not properly packaging the replacement part they shipped me
- Bad quality control - shipping me a replacement assembly which was not put together properly
- Arrogance - refusing to provide contact info for a manager
- Arrogance - not responding to my complaint letter

Any manufacturer can produce a bad machine, but what made me lose faith in Grizzly was their general refusal to simply do the right thing and take responsibility for the problem that they created. I live 2 hours away from their Bellingham location. They could easily have fixed this problem but did not.