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Grizzly G0656PX 8" Jointer Fence Issues...

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I've had this jointer for about 6 months now, and though I haven't used it as much as I would like, I have had issues with the fence.

It started during setup with very limited directions. As best I can tell, I set everything up properly, but man the fence leaves a lot to be desired.

The wheel and track that moves the fence forward and backward doesn't work properly, and trying to adjust the fence to get a 45* angle is almost near impossible. Also, the only way to keep the fence off the infeed and outfeed table is to crank the support down, but by doing that, you remove the ability to move the fence back and forth on the table… basically the fence sags.

Sorry its late, and I probably am not describing this correctly, but has anyone had any issues with this jointer's fence?
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I have the G0593 8in jointer and I agree about the fore and aft movement of the fence. I can get it to work, after loosening the mechanism and "helping it" along. The track doesn't work well for me either. Truth be told I see NO need for that feature and leave it set at the full 8in width.

As far as making 45-degree surface cuts/joints, I use the TS and/or my MS for such things. The function on my jointer for 45s works just fine. I just don't use it for that. I leave the fence set at 90-degrees and full width.
I'm with Mike jointer stays at 90, tablesaw the 45 then handplane it smooth
I have the same jointer and have had it for about a year. The fence does leave a bit to be desired. My fence also rests on the table even after I loosened the bolts that attach it to the base, lifted up to take the slack out of the bolt holes and retghtened them. After doing that it slides ok, but there is no clearance. when I change my knives, I will likelt set them a little lower (along with the outfeed table) in hopes that it will help more.
Don't be afraid to take measures when something doesn't work as well as you think it should. Surfing McMastercarr for an hour may help. ;-)
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