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Grizzly G0490 Jointer Knives and other odds and ends

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I have a set of 4 knives for a Grizzly G0490. I upgraded to a Byrd Shelix head before I ever got around to using these knives. They are made by Titan Knife. They are 8×3/4×1/8 and quantity of 4.

I also have the knives on the original head too if anyone is interested in those, there was a fair amount of life left in them.


I also have a set of 3 Grizzly knives for the G0454 20" planer. The head was upgraded in that as well and the original knives are going unused. They didn't get a ton of use before being taken out.


Also have a rockler 25 piece sanding drum set and another head and some sleeves; the rockler set was never used and also includes the bushing to do flush trim type sanding work.


Have the rockler router edge dust port. Never used.


Lastly I have Critter spray gun. Used for one project and got an HVLP system that I use. This is just sitting around unused like the rest of this stuff.


If anyone is interested let me know and make me an offer on anything or all of it. I live in Edwardsvill Illinois area (St. Louis) but would be willing to ship if you pay the shipping costs.
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yes, i see this post was a long time ago, but i would like to know what you think og grizzley joniter in general and spiral head…i am thinking of purchasing an 8 in polar bear model with spiral head, but not sure of grizzley quality. i am just up i-55 about 200 miles from you and will be driving sown to grizzley showroom soon. thanks for any info you can give me.
I am extremely pleased with it. I am sure there could be some manufacturing differences from the big names compared to Grizzly, but for the weekend hobbiest that I am I am very happy. I am able to do what I feel is good work with the tool and the price to features is great. I have the jointer, cabinet saw and 20" spiral planer and 3hp shaper from them and am happy with all three. I would recommend the spiral heads I do like them. I think there is a bit of break in on them; myself and others have seem some ridges at first that go away after some boards have gone through, not sure if it is a burr or something. Good luck, hope you get what you are after.
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