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Grizzly G0478 vs Delta 36-725

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Found a very clean looking (like new) Grizzly G0478 with 2 sets of rails (36" and 50") plus extra zero clearance inserts for $550. This is a 2 HP hybrid saw originally purchased in 2008. Curious about how any experts here would compare it to the latest Delta 36-725 for roughly the same price.
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The Delta has a riving knife, while the G0478 just has a splitter, but the G0478 has solid cast wings, a full enclosure, stronger motor, a better fence, and quite a bit more mass….all features I'd be willing to forego a riving knife for, so long as you use a good splitter. Is the price negotiable at all….$550 is a tad steep IMO.

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I have a 1.5 HP delta, I would definately lean towards the Grizzly.
I have had the G0478 for over 6 years and no issues with it. I use a ZCI with a microsplitter. I handle a lot of red and white oak and the power is good. Never had it bog down on a cut. I would recommend thin kerf blades regardless of which saw you choose. The only real negative is the small motor access door. If you ever need to work on the motor or pulleys you are in for a lot of hurt.
Thanks folks.
Knotscott: I agree the price is a little high. The 2 sets of rails, ZC inserts (2) and really clean condition are pluses though. May offer a little less if I can figure out how to get it home from 90 miles away.
I own the Delta - buy the Grizz. The Delta is wonderful but the extra power and one-piece rails will be a nice addition. Pretty hard to beat up that saw, and good CS from Griz if you need it. You won't be using the safety features on that Griz, I can barely convince myself the riving knife is worth it on the Delta - they've done it so well that it's very little inconvenience for a big benefit. The cast wings are also a nice touch on the Griz, although I'm finding more and more that that's an overrated feature. My steel wings haven't moved once and I've clunked them pretty good - seems like you only gain cosmetics and weight.
Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, and like usual, the Grizz sold quickly before I was able to go see it. Regarding weight, I'm a little put off by a 400 pound saw like the Grizzly, since I expect to move it around in my garage when needed. That is one advantage of the Delta IMO.
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