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Grizzly Coupon

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Does anyone have a grizzly coupon that they won't be using? I'm new here and I know there were some that expired in March and was wondering if there is a new coupon available. Or if someone could tell me how they get the coupons I could try that route.

I'm looking to buy a G0513X2BF band saw or possibly a G0514X2B if i was lucky enough to catch it on sale. Any comments or recommendations on those machines are welecome!

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks ohtimberwolf. Right after I posted this I found a used G0514X2B for what seems like a really good deal. Hoping to pick it up Saturday if it is in good shape!
Well the seller told me he would hold the bandsaw until I could make a down payment this evening and then called to say he sold it to someone else. What a @#%&!!! People have no principles these days. Guess I'm back in the market for a bandsaw…

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated…
Well if anyone else was wondering, I called Grizzly and they said there are no current valid coupons. CSR said that she didn't know when the next promo would be, but that coupons are sent to people that are on their email list, so I signed up. Will wait for one of those and live to fight another day…
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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