Shop Fox - model M1107, 6" low speed grinder with wide wheel (Rating: 5)

This item is currently on sale at Grizzly for $49.99 plus shipping, listed at about $110. It runs at 1725 rpm, and the motor is rated as 1/4 hp, totally enclosed and fan-cooled. It ran quite smoothly right out of the box. The left wheel is 3/4" wide, and coarse grit. The right wheel is 1 1/2" wide, and is white aluminum oxide medium grit. I did the rough grinding on several chisels with the wider wheel, and was very pleased. A number of my chisels and plane irons are in need of regrinding and more careful sharpening, and I think this is just what I need to speed up the process. I may replace the left wheel with a hard felt wheel for honing; the right wheel removes metal rapidly enough for my needs. I bought a better tool guide to go with it, but haven't installed that yet. Obviously I can't report on longevity at this time, but so far it seems like a very good deal.