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Grizzly 6" jointer..........SOLD

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Looking to sell Grizzly 6" jointer. Runs like new, after all it should only had it 3 years. 1hp single phase with new blades. $250. Central Valley of CA. Model G1182Z. I will include the mobile base.

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Great price. If I was anywhere near CA I'd buy it even though I already have a Ridgid.
How far are you from the bay area? I live near Redwood City and would be interested if I can get it delivered.
Great price Ken…same as already said…I live to far, but if I was closer I would buy it even though I already have a 8" Grizzly.

Are you down sizing your shop…or getting a bigger one ??
super bargain I'm sure you'll get a taker.
Praki….. I am in Bakersfield unfortunately I will not be able to deliver.

I am upgrading to an 8". I have purchased an old Crescent 8" that is a big change. The new, well new to me, jointer is a 2hp has 4 knife cutter head and is SOLID cast. When I looked at it I jointed a 2×4 that was close by and took off close to 1/4" and the jointer didnt even know it was being used. It didnt bog one bit and produced a super clean surface, square and no tear out even through a knot. Now I just need to figure out how to move the beast. It weighs in the neighborhood if 1200#.
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SOLD …..pending payment…....Thanks Pat
Ken…congrats on the sale…and the new upgrade. man oh man…when you upgrade…you really upgrade…that new jointer is a BEAST !!!
Don….you are right about that. I am picking it up in the AM. I cant wait to get it here, I have a friend who has a truck mounted crane on a service truck and he is going to lift it and put it in my truck. Then he will help unload as well. If I ever move the movers are gonna hate me…
"If I ever move the movers are gonna hate me……"

They will walk away or charge you triple lol
ok ken now i know you belong to OWWM so i have to do it. YOU SUCK
bye the buy where are you finding all this arn at man
bye the buy where are you finding all this arn at man

Mostly on CL. I did come across a unisaw that I am restoring now by chance. I bought the delta 14" bandsaw from a CL listing and saw the uni sitting in a pile to be sent to the scrappers. I asked about it and it was given to me. Kinda cool

I appreciate the suckage
Ken - thanks for your reply. Too bad I missed it. Your new jointer looks awesome. Have fun!
Awesome Jointer! The bigger the better when it comes to jointers.
Todd…I had been looking to upgrade for some time. I got lucky with this one. The man I bought this from bought it from his neighbor many moons ago. His neighbor purchased a 12" Northfield, the thing looks like an aircraft carrier!!
I was lucky this morning and got to meet a fellow LJ, 3fingerpat. He made the 4hr drive north from San Diego and bought the jointer. I want to say that he is a great guy and I hope the jointer works well for him.

Just to set the record straight he does have all his fingers. But I will let him explain the nickname.

Thanks again Pat and you are welcome anytime
Wait till you tell the delivery guy your shop is in the basement L O L. Congrats the new jointer is perfect I wish you well.LAlistair
I love a story with a happy ending!
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