Grizzly - G0513X2B Extreme Bandsaw 2hp w/motor brake (Rating: 4)

Last week I received my new Grizzly G0513X2B Extreme 17" 2hp w/motor brake bandsaw. I researched a lot of saws and for the money this seemed to be the best buy. I ordered it four weeks ago but it was back ordered. Grizzly was very good about keeping me informed of when it would ship and made adjustments for my schedule.

In between the date I ordered it and received it the price dropped by $125. ($1075.00 + shipping) Grizzly responded immediately to my email request that they re-write my order to reflect the new price.

As reported by others the shipping crate was a bit flimsy but there was no shipping damage. Set up was straight forward and involved mainly attaching the table and aligning it to the blade. Everything worked well right out of the box. The wheels were aligned and the drive belt adjusted properly.
My first cuts were to saw up the shipping crate for fire wood using the factory blade. I then put on a 1/2" Wolf blade and it easily cut an 1/8" slice from 11" piece of maple. I did that free hand and the cut was quite smooth. The saw is quiet and the motor brake stops the blade almost immediately. The dust collection set up is adequate.
I bought Grizzly's mobile base and it also does the job.
With the saw I ordered 4 Wolf blades, 1/8", 1/4". 1/2", and 1". I have only used the 1/2' so far.
I have some re-sawing to do in the near future that will give it a real test.
It is not an 18" Powermatic but so far I'm quite quite satisfied with my purchase and the price is right.