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Grizzly 1495 chuck

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I'm certain my lathe is 1" x 8 TPI. But I bought a Nova Chuck, G3 Pro Tek 1"x8 TPI Reversible Chuck, Direct thread (non-insert version) But it doesn't fit. It looks like the threads are coarser than the lathe. Does this lathe require a special chuck?
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Oh never mind. My lathe is a 1×12TPI. I ordered an adapter to fit the lathe to make it 8 TPI.
You might want to see if you can exchange the chuck for one with the proper size threads… using an adapter will increase the distance between the chuck and headstock, reduce the length of stock you can turn, and could cause premature wear on the headstock and bearings.

+1 on the correct size. Adapters are best avoided.
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