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Grid Beam Milling Question

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Hello fellow LJ's. I'm stepping out of lurkerland to both advertise my site a bit and to ask a question about what power tool I'll need first to go forward.

The issue is this: for the first phase of all my Grid Beam projects I'll be using a 1.75 inch square baluster as my blanks and I need to mill each one down to 1.5 inch square for further processing. Of the following tools, which one would be most time effective in doing this process?

  • Bandsaw w/fence
  • Table Saw
  • Thickness Sander

I'm leaning towards buying a thickness sander for this as it seems to me to be the best tool for handling stock with a semi-automatic feed. I'll also be doing this in my parking lot as I'm apartment bound right now so portability and noise concerns have to be weighed.

Any opinions?
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