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Green Spalted lumber?

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After a road trip to pick up a few items, found a 9' 2×4 in red oak. Ynder that board was a 2-3/4×2-3/4 chunk on "white wood". It had a few lines in the rough sawn surface.
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The board on the top. Ever see Green spalting? There is some figure in the board, but it isn't Oak. The boards below it are Red Oak. I Think…

Have now planed all four sides square to each other, and one face does not have any green lines going on.

Strange board…


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Now that I look at it again, I had some beechwood that turned green when it spalted. Very cool though.
looks like soft maple to me, my local woodcraft had a ton of soft maple recently that looked somewhat like that
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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