3M - WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector (Rating: 5)

I listen to lots of podcasts, and I especially like to listen to them while I woodwork. These 3M Worktunes headphones are just what the doctor ordered.

As hearing protection they work well: block out the sound and are quite comfortable. Add to that the ability to listen to FM/AM/Aux/Bluetooth. I use the radio a bit. It is pretty basic, a manual tuning wheel-works adequately. I haven't used the auxiliary cable hookup. Where they shine is the bluetooth capability. I find podcasts, with the pauses and lower volume, don't distract me as much as music does. So I feel safe listening and working.

I haven't run down first set of (rechargeable) batteries yet. Highly recommend.

You can find them at Amazon and many other places. I had alerts running for a long time before I got them for the price I was willing to pay ($65).