Irwin - 4 piece set (Rating: 5)

These are a great value and should be in every tool chest if your working with wood and can't afford the high end tools. These are far and away a step up from the cheap tools you find at the big box discounters but not too much more money. They hold an edge well and with a little work can be honed to a razor edge. They hold their edge well, as I completed entire projects without sharpening them. One prior off brand set I bought were being sharpened more often than I was wood the wood. The plastic handles on these feel good in your hand but if using a mallet they may be somewhat slender. They really take a beating, as mine have helped me complete many projects with many hardwoods that were used. These have been trusty companions for so long I hate to replace them with pricier tools that may look like heirloom tools but not too sure how much benefit I will derive from spending a lot more.