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Great Tool auction for our Petersburg, PA Lumberjocks.

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Another auction for our Lumberjocks in PA…they have several cabinet saws and some good looking "Old Iron" tools. Lathes, bandsaws, drill press's etc etc etc
Remember to click on all of the lots.
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hey don lend me some money ,
and we can go together !
it's a bit far for me ,
but this is one of the nice things about this site ,
we can all get good news ,
and share .
thank's !
Some nice stuff.
David, I would but I am still broke from my "Recent" tool buys lol….but I always have my eyes out for a new "Toy" for the shop. But I figure even if I can not buy anything they have OR if it's to far for me to go…there is no reason to not share with my fellow LJ's around the country. So everytime I get a e-mail from IRS auctions…if they have any decent tools or lumber…I post it.
"bidding is closed " ?
Sometimes they send me e-mails weeks before a auction..other times just a day or two before. This one closed today.
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