Freud - LU87R010 10" thin kerf 24 tooth rip blade (Rating: 5)

The Freud LU87R010 is a 10" 24 tooth thin kerf (TK) ripping blade that features a red "Permashield" coating for reduced friction and corrosion resistance, laser cut anti-vibration/anti-noise expansion slots, flat top ground teeth (FTG) for efficient material removal, and an aggressive 20 degree hook angle for a fast feed rate. The LU87 is the TK counterpart to the LM72R010, and is part of Freud's "Industrial" series.

Rip blades are designed to make fast work of thick, dense stock, and to offer less resistance to your saw. The downside is typically a rougher cut than higher tooth count blades that make smoother cuts at a slower pace with more strain to your saw. At the time, the LU87 is the 6th bulk ripping blade I've tried. It's noticeably quiet and the feedrate is excellent with a 1-3/4hp hybrid even in 2" material. The LU87 is as well made and well balanced as any blade from Freud's Industrial line that I've tried. Due to it's thinner body, it feels a bit less substantial than it's full kerf counterpart, which is roughly 30% thicker (0.125" vs 0.094"), but it definitely rips through the same heavy maple and oak faster than the LM72 did, which was ultimately my primary objective for this blade. The LU87 is not marketed as a "glue line rip blade" like their 30 tooth LM74R010, but cuts are respectably clean, and are very good within the classification of bulk ripper. Oak, walnut, and cherry are inconsiquential obstacles for it. 2" hard maple poses a bit more of a challenge for the LU87, but at no point did the board require excessive pushing on my part nor did the saw labor substantially. It is more prone to splintering and tearout than a fine finish and general purpose blade, especially on crosscuts which it's not intended for, but cut quality was better than expected overall. Cuts were very favorable compared to my DeWalt DW7124TK 24T ripper, my Leitz/Irwin variable pitch 24T ripper, and even the LM72 from Freud. I find that most edges are glueable "as is" right off the saw with no additional dressing needed, though visible edges require more work prior to receiving a finish.

The LU87 is one of several decent 24 tooth thin kerf FTG rippers now available on the market from CMT, Infinity, H.O. Schumacher, DeWalt, and Amana to name a few. I haven't tried them all, but it's as good or better than any I have tried.