Rockler - Carbide Mini Turning Tool 3-Piece Set (Rating: 5)

My roommate and i have had a lathe for around a year now and only had the old tools that came with it. they were not very good and we didnt use it much because its a bit much to start with. i had been reading about carbide tools for some time but the cost it what kept me away. I saw the rockler set was on sale for $100 over the US thanksgiving weekend so thought it might be worth the try. I am very impressed already! so much easier to use! Other item that people talk about is how you cant sharpen them but if you dont know how to sharpen then it works out great. I wouldnt of bought the grinder i did if i knew how great these would be. A grinder cost ~$100 and Penn state tool set starts at ~$65. so that means you can get this set and an extra set of inserts for the same price. It doesnt have every tool that you need but its a great start. I can now say that i am sold on carbide for sure!